"About ten years ago, I decided I needed hearing aids. I bought an expensive pair of hearing aids. Gradually I learned that I needed much more than an expensive listening device; I needed to learn how to handle hearing loss effectively. The two-session hearing rehabilitation program at JFK was the answer. I learned a lot and as a result, I was able to hear better than I did when I thought that all I needed were hearing aids.I am glad that my JFK audiologist explained that I needed more than a gadget; that I needed to learn to negotiate a damaged hearing system that includes the brain as well as the ears."

Jackson T.

“Dr. Toth and the entire team were personable, compassionate and, more importantly, extremely competent. They helped set realistic expectations and the impact the new and different sounds would have. We are so thankful to Dr. Toth and her team. They connected us with the world around us and provided us with the best of experiences with family and friends.”
Gina K.

“Everyone in the Audiology staff made me feel so comfortable and was so supportive. I knew that I could rely on the JFK Audiology staff if I experienced any problems with my hearing in the future.”
Sharon Y.

“It was like my brain just opened up! With my old hearing aid, sound was, distorted. Hearing in back ground noise was difficult and confusing, sound was not clear, the hearing aid just enhanced the noise. The new aid is just amazing. It enables me to hear much better in both quiet and noisy listening situations It reminds you how much there is to hear, how important one’s hearing is.”
Skip H.

“Dr. Toth motivated us to make a very important change in our lives – a change to the world of the hearing, she encouraged us to take greater chances in a hearing world.”
Megan K.

“The hearing aid education classes are filled with ideas and strategies for the hearing impaired. This help comes from not only the instructor but from others in attendance. We learn about new hearing aid technologies, strategies for telephone use as well as conversational techniques and how to deal with hearing in noisy situations. I would recommend this class for both new and experienced hearing aid users. There is a lot I didn’t know before I took the class even though I have been wearing aids for more then 10 years”
Bob C.

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