The Right Hearing Aid

Finding the right hearing aid for your individual needs is very important to us. When making that decision there are three things we consider to be important factors in assisting you in this process:

Your Degree of Hearing Loss

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe
  • Profound

Your Lifestyle Needs

  • Active
  • Moderately Active
  • Less Active

Your Budget

  • Entry Level
  • Midrange
  • High End

Your Degree of Hearing Loss - The degree of your hearing loss will help guide us as to which style hearing aid(s) will work best for you. This is determined at the time of the audiological testing.

Your Lifestyle Needs - The lifestyle you lead plays an important role in the features that should be included in the hearing aid you should wear. People who are very active may need more features that adjust to a greater range of listening situations. Other people may just need features that focus on quieter environments.

Find the lifestyle that best describes you

An Active lifestyle includes:

  • Dinner in busy restaurants
  • Frequent attendance at large family functions
  • Active in meetings and other social events
  • Lead a busy life inside and outdoors
  • Want the best hearing technology available
A Moderately Active lifestyle includes:    
  • Frequently attend group meetings
  • Attend small family gatherings
  • Are rarely in busy restaurants or large groups
  • Want improved hearing in many situations, automatically    

A Less Active lifestyle includes:

  • Are usually in quiet environments
  • Occasionally attend small meetings
  • Want good sound quality and speech understanding

Your Budget - The cost of a hearing aid can span a wide range, depending on the extent of your hearing loss, the style of device you prefer, and how sophisticated the technology is that it contains.  It is important to note that the most expensive hearing aids may not provide the greatest benefit for some users when it comes to effectiveness and usability. Even if your budget is tight, we are able to get a model that will most of your needs at a reasonable price.

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