Why Choose JFK To Purchase Your Hearing Aid

Choosing the right hearing aid begins with choosing the right place to purchase your hearing aid. Here at the Center for Audiology we follow the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s recommendations for “Best Practice “guidelines which includes seeing our patients face-to-face. Other reasons we need to “see” our patients include:

1. We need to evaluate your hearing loss and assist you in determining the best hearing aids based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs. Unfortunately, when you buy hearing aids over the internet, there’s no professional there to guide you based on your hearing loss and listening needs. Perhaps you do not need all the bells and whistles a high end hearing aid has and a more basic model can be chosen; without that one-on-one consultation you may end up purchasing a hearing aid that is not appropriate for you.

2. We need to program your digital hearing aid to your particular hearing loss. Digital hearing aids are much more sophisticated than over-the-counter amplifiers and the inexpensive hearing aids you see in magazines. A successful fitting of a hearing aid is when they are programmed to your user preference, experience level with hearing aids and required listening environments. When you purchase over the internet you do not have the ability to have the hearing aid fine tuned.

3. We need to properly fit the hearing aids to ensure healthy hearing. When hearing aids are purchased over the internet, safety can become a concern. How do you know how the hearing aids are programmed when they arrive in the mail or if they will fit you properly and not cause discomfort? You don’t. You will only know once you have turned them on and listen and place them in your ears. And what happens when they are turned on full blast or they cause soreness? There may be a risk of damaging your hearing or causing an infection. Physical exam of the patient’s ear and specific hearing loss influences the best model or size a hearing aid wearer should be wearing.

4. We need to provide after-purchase care and follow up. When you purchase a hearing aid from us we are available for follow-up visits and ongoing care of your hearing aids. Your hearing health care should not be any different than other ongoing medical issues. We are proud to say we establish long-term relationships with our patients.

5. We provide trial period returns and guarantees. The internet hearing aid retailer wants to make the sale and move on. We want to provide you with the best listening experience based on your hearing loss, your preferences for style, your lifestyle and quality of sound. We offer a 30 day trial period on newly purchased hearing aids. And if at the end of the trial period you are not satisfied, we will often try a different hearing aid manufacturer that we might have more success with. However, when you buy over the internet or at some large retail center there is no option of going to a different manufacturer as they usually only sell one manufacturer.

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