Auditory Processing

What the ears "hear" and what the brain interprets as being heard may not be one and the same. Some people have difficulty making sense out of what the ears pick up, even though the hearing in both ears may be normal. This difficulty in "processing" may show itself in many ways, such as finding it hard to hear someone talking against background noise, or a problem remembering what was heard just a short while ago. Children with processing problems may appear to be distracted, daydreaming or just not "tuning in." Their grades may suffer as a result.

The Center for Audiology's licensed, certified audiologists provide a comprehensive evaluation for children and adults suspected of having central auditory processing disorder, using many different tests. Particularly for school-aged children, testing can often target specific areas of processing difficulty in both auditory memory and selective attention. If problem areas are identified, detailed recommendations and referrals are provided.

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